Company Overview


Working with Mr. Eiji Sensui, Representative Director of FUN Tech Co. Ltd.. and Mr. Toru Miura, the Founder & CEO of Spice Co. Ltd., Shingo Tadaka designed and built an original aerial gimbal stabilizer for an unmanned industrial-level helicopter. After years of R&D stage, they started selling the package for aerial videography.


Tadaka established the company named “Tsukai Location Systems Inc.“. Since then, Tadaka has worked on a wide range of TV & video projects with NHK and other major Japanese TV networks as well as corporate videos and web movies, local government’s promotional videos and music videos. He has worked on crane shots, and on many other types of technically challenging shoots.


The company worked on the Nippon Television’s popular TV show “Cherry Blossom Live–Zoom-In Super”, as a crane operator, using 30-meter dolly tracks. They successfully presented an excellent 1-minute long dolly shot.


The company worked on the Nippon Television’s popular TV show “New Year’s Live—Zoom-In Super” as a crane operator, shooting a music live concert at the foot of Mt. Fuji.


As a video professional, the company worked on an independent documentary film “The Sparkle of Fragments” directed by Shinji Takahashi. The film won Prix du Publique atau film Favorit Pilihan Pemirsa (the best documentary award) at the 14th Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema.


The company bought DJI S1000 that is one of the world’s largest RC octocopters for professional use and can now shoot high-quality aerial footage at a high altitude. The company started its test flight after adjusting its setting for the Canon SLR camera.


The company worked on Obihiro City’s promotional video “The Land of Tokachi” as a videographer, shooting the aerial footage to simultaneously make a new multicopter flight demo reel.


The company changed its name to “Two-Tech Inc.”


he company launched aerial videography division called “Two-Tech Sky”. The new division started promoting its new aerial videography production service using the unmanned high-tech multicopter drone.




増田翔平監督と弊社空撮チームで全体の7割をドローン空撮で撮ったコメディ短編映画「Crane Truck」がゆうばり国際ファンタスティック映画祭にノミネートされる。


増田翔平監督と弊社空撮チームで全体の7割をドローン空撮で撮ったコメディ短編映画「Crane Truck」がベルギードローン映画祭「Drone Film & Photo Festival 2016」の「Fiction」部門で最優秀賞を受賞しました。