Our radio-controlled (RC) multicopters are all covered by public liability insurance in case of accident, but there is a limit of that liability. Please let us know beforehand if you want to request some special work or assignment which could require extra liability insurance coverage. Please keep in mind that there will be extra costs or extra charges if you have special requests. Our RC multicpoter flight operations are done in a range that is based on our own liability insurance coverage.

We are responsible for property damages to our own equipment which is covered by our liability insurance. But if you ask for additional third-party equipment installed on our RC multicopter unit for a special purpose and there are some damages to it in case of an accident, you shall solely be responsible for that and bear the loss. Please get a liability insurance beforehand.


You fully understand and agree that we might not be able to complete the flight & filming mission, using a RC multicopter before or during the flight under bad weather conditions.

We always bring 2 RC multicopter aircrafts with us to a location: one as the primary unit; the other as a spare. We take precautionary measures in maintenance of the multicopter’s fuselage and bring spare parts with us.

If we are forced to cancel the aerial filming before or during the flight operation or cannot get any aerial footage at all due to personal reasons of the operators, or technical problems with the RC multicopter, you are totally exempted from payment. But, if you take a legal action pursuing liability because of cancellation of the flight mission we shall not reimburse you for loss or damages.

Please chack the following Discriptions.