Weather condition affects the aerial footage quality

When wind speed is less than 5 m/s, a large RC multicopter can obtain excellent aerial footage that is quite stable and usable. Under these conditions, you can get more than 5-10 second shots of steady aerial footage.

When wind speed is about 6 – 10 m/s, the RC multicopter can shoot good aerial footage that is sometimes shaky, but still usable. However, we can’t guarantee the quality of the aerial footage if you ask for a very complex flight plan. It might require several flights until you get usable footage.

When wind speed is over 10 m/s, it is still possible to fly a large RC multicopter, but you are less likely to get the good usable footage. Furthermore, under these kinds of difficult weather condition, there are more risks involved—-the RC multicopter aircraft might fall and crash during the flight. It may be possible to get the good aerial footage by keeping the drone hovering in the sky without any movement. But if gusty winds are present or threatened, you could never fly the drone for filming.

As a wind speed reference, it is around more than 5 m/s when smoke from a chimney, or a windsock, moves horizontally, or when the leaves of tree are blown upward, showing their underside.