Two-Tech (Aerial Photography/ Cinematography Division)

Shingo Tadaka, founder and representative director of Two-Tech Inc. has been working as a videographer in the Japanese TV/ video industry for many years. When filming with a multicopter drone, Tadaka works with veteran pilot Yoshiaki Masuo whose professional career has spanned over two decades. They work together as a team of veteran pilot and veteran camera operator.

The dual-control system can achieve incredibly stable shots that would have never been possible alone. By using two remote controllers, a camera operator controls the camera, while a pilot flies. Taking advantage of the in-depth knowledge of videography, Tadaka organizes each aerial shot, selecting the right camera equipment and composition. As a senior pilot, Masuo can easily tell whether or not the intended flight plan is feasible on each location, after considering the complex mechanical characteristics of a RC multcopter aircraft.

Unlike competitors who tend to seek imbalanced super visual images beyond their pilot capabilities, or those who tend to seek flight-oriented mediocre aerial footage due to their mediocre pilot skills, we can proudly present visually and technically balanced and excellent aerial footage shot by our veteran flight operation team. We are sure we can fully satisfy our clients.

2V1A2171fixed 1About Multicopter Drone:

We currently use DJI S1000 spreading wings aerial drones with the Zenmuse Z15-5D III (HD) gimbal holding a Canon 5D MK III SLR camera. Optionally, we can fly an Epic-M RED DRAGON, or a Panasonic DMC-GH4 SLR camera if you want higher (4-6K) resolutions.

It might look easy to fly a multicopter drone. But in fact, it requires tremendous training, expert skills, and years of flight experience to be able to fly the drone and get professional, high quality aerial video footage. We feel that digital multicopter technology is not mature yet, and there’s much to be accomplished yet, like other digital electronics products. So we will keep striving to further the great potential of aerial videography.

With the use of cutting-edge technologies such as multi-roter blades, a GPS oriented platform, the 3-axis gimbal flight stabilizer, and more, a radio-controlled multicopter can give you great, stable aerial footage below 100 meters in altitude, which is impossible for a full-scale helicopter due to Japan’s domestic aviation laws.

The Zenmuse 15-5D III gimbal for the DJI S1000 is built specifically to hold the Canon 5D MK III camera, giving you incredibly smooth, stable shots and precise control within ±0.02°during any flight conditions. The gimbal receives 3-axis motion data from the flight computer in real time such as an inclination of the fuselage and the shaking and the vibration analysis. Then, it automatically sends phase signals to the direct motor placed on the 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. Thanks to the highly advanced gyro-stabilizer technology of the S1000, you can get great, smooth professional aerial footage which had been previously been impossible unless you used the expensive WESCAM stabilizer system for a full-scale aircraft.

A large RC multicopter enables you to get incredibly stable moving shots from human eye level to 150 meters in altitude. You can choose between the following RC multicopter model selections: Freefly ALTA6 with Epic-M RED DRAGON; DJI S1000 octocopter with Canon 5D MK III / Panasonic DMC-GH4 SLR camera; DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter with a specially designed built-in 4K camera; TBS Galaxy Pro quadcopter with Go-Pro video camera. With our expertise in videography, we can do work ranging from TV commercials to corporate videos and more. But we can also provide services of aerial digital still photos by flying the Canon 5D MK III SLR camera attached to DJI S1000. You could use these sill photos in platforms from brochures to websites and more.

The production cost varies based on the type of drone model, the camera gear, the conditions of the shooting location, and the composition of the crew. For more information, please contact our customer service.