Areas Where the Multicopter Can Be Flown

Take-off / Landing
You can make a multicopter drone take off or land on the ground safely as long as there is no protruding obstacle on the ground and you have a flat space of 2 X 2 m, i.e., a flat space the size of where two cars can park.

Possible Obstruction to Wireless Transmission and Transmission Range
Using Pulse-code modulation (PCM) for the drone’s flight control system, wireless transmission is less affected by extraneous interference. However, power-transmission lines or parabolic antennas or other things could disturb the transmission. We usually check electromagnetic interference before the flight. But please make sure to tell us in advance if you know there’s a facility that might interfere with transmission in the flight zone.

DJI multicopter’s wireless transmission reaches in a range of about 500 meters and doesn’t affect other wireless communication devices in the area.

Flight Altitude
Weather conditions always affect the possible flight range of radio-controlled mulitcopters. But one can say that the flight range could be as far as 150 meters from the RC multicopter pilot’s position though it is actually possible to fly the drone even further. One needs to take into consideration that we have to observe flight regulations, especially regarding the flight altitude.

If you want to shoot long aerial footage over a long distance, we could change the pilot’s positions by following the multicopter in the flight by car.

Aviation Obstruction Caused by Wind
Wind is not only invisible, but also often becomes obstructive for a radio-controlled aircraft, because it can start rising, or falling rapidly, influenced by mountains, buildings, the ground temperature, etc.
We might need to stop the flight operation for filming when the wind speed is more than 10 m/s at 2 m-high above the ground level.

If you hope to use a large RC multicopter right next to a large building in the city, or a steep cliff where wind currents are too strong and more unstable than expected, we might ask you to cancel the flight operation or change the position for filming on location.