Prohibited areas

  • We are occasionally unable to fly a large RC multicopter in crowded city streets or places.
  • We cannot fly the drone over, or have it hover over, anyone who is not involved in our video production.
  • For safety reasons, a multicopter drone needs to stay at least 5 meters away from people when filming them. In other words, you need to keep the drone horizontally at least 20 meters away from the people in order to film them at a height of 20 meters above ground level.
  • We are unable to make the drone fly or hover over the buildings, vehicles, and land unless those properties belong to the concerned parties. We can fly the drone over these properties with shooting permits from the property owners,.
  • A flat space of about 2 meters in diameter is necessary for take-off and landing of a multicopter drone with the condition that there is no obstacle in the area. If the take-off & landing area is sandy or dusty, the drone will make the dust or sand fly up. This can cause problems for the flight operation. In this case we need to put down a blue tarpaulin or a plywood board. An approximately 10 mm-thick plywood board works fine to protect the drone from troublesome dust and sand.
  • The maximum flight distance of the drone for filming purposes is 100 meters in the city. But in the countryside, the maximum flight distance could be around 300 meters if there are no obstacles in the flight path (monitoring the flight mode using a forward–viewing camera).The maximum vertical flight altitude is approximately 200 meters, although it depends on: weather conditions; clear skies; and a ground level wind speed of less than 5 m/s.
  • In foggy weather, we cannot fly a multicopter drone, because the camera lens gets fogged.
  • Aerial filming over the sea, or over the water, might cost extra and the number of flights might be limited for safety reasons.