Drone Model
DJI S1000 (Octocopter)
DJI Z15-5D

Canon 5D MK III SLR camera, EOS-5Ds R
Camera Lens
Canon EF24mm (F2.8),EF28mm(F2.8)
Gimbal Holding a Camera with Precision Control
Camera Pan Range
±360°(possible to rotate continuously)

Camera Tilt Range
-120°~ +15°
Camera Roll Range
Max Pan Speed Control
±90°/ S
Max Tilt Speed Control
±130°/ S
MAX Roll Speed Control
±30°/ S

Landing Skid
Retractable Landing Gear
Frame Size
1,420 mm (Diagonal Wheel Tip Base)
1,045 mm (Diagonal Wheelbase)
Take-off Weight
11.5kg(with Canon 5D MK III and 2 lithium batteries for the S1000)
Empty Weight
4.2kg (without lithium batteries for the S1000)
Lithium-polymer 6S 10,000mAh (22.2V) battery
Maximum Power Consumption
Hovering Power Consumption
1,500W (with take-off weight of 9.5kg)

Flight Time
8-10 minutes(with take-off weight of 11.5kg including 2 lithium batteries)
Operating Temperature